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  • Correct or ethical conduct of ourselves and our business.
  • To deliver what we promise.
  • Our success rests upon the performance of our people.
  • To empower people and enabling them to succeed.
  • Our target is excellence, nothing less is pursued.
  • Our service exceeds your expectations of value for money.



Contract Cleaning System

Principles - People - Performance

ServiceMaster’s ability to deliver Service Excellence is based on our people and culture. As a business we have developed a culture based on Principles - People - Performance


The first objective of our business is based on a correct or ethical way to conduct ourselves. Everything we do has an impact on all aspects of our business, from the way we provide services to our customers to the relationships we have with our employees and to how we interact with our colleagues. We always aim to be truthful and to deliver what we promise. Our principles encompass our moral standards, our convictions and our determination to uphold our beliefs as we go about our daily lives both personally and in business.


At ServiceMaster we believe it is important to recognise that our success as a company rests upon the performance of our people. Work is about developing, contributing and the feeling of a job well done. ServiceMaster believes not only in empowering people, but also in enabling them to succeed. We do this by teaching our employees how to most effectively complete their duties as they serve you, our customer. By giving our employees the tools and training to develop, we increase productivity, earnings and enhance the dignity, self-respect and self-worth of each individual.


To pursue excellence is to believe that no target other than “the best” is worthy of our focus and our people’s effort. Excellence, so often today, is not defined as much by what we do as how we do it. Excellence comes from ensuring each part of customer interaction is viewed as a unique opportunity to excel and exceed expectations. We define this objective as ‘Performance’. Pursuing excellence means that we must know as much as we can about our employees and customers in order to understand their needs and expectations. We regularly listen to them and adjust our processes and procedures so that we can have a close working relationship. For example, it is only when our customers feel they have received service that is worth what they paid - and more - that we have made a difference and provided excellence in value.

Nick Dee Shapland
Managing Director
ServiceMaster Clean by Deeland Limited


"It's our people that make the difference"