Nick Dee Shapland

Nick Dee Shapland

Managing Director

Deeland Limited t/a ServiceMaster

Nick officially started the ServiceMaster Clean franchise as a sole proprietor in 1991. Originally the franchise license was for Reading, Newbury and Andover area. Today the business operates 3 ServiceMaster service divisions with multiple franchise areas.

Previous career

Nick’s previous career was 23 years in the agricultural farm machinery industry, from 1967 to 1972 serving a 5 year apprenticeship with a Massey Ferguson dealership near Bristol. He then joined Vicon, a Dutch farm machinery manufacturer. During the 16 years he was with Vicon, Nick went from a field Service Engineer/Demonstrator for the South West of England to Area Sales Manager for the South East of England. In 1985 Nick was appointed Sales Manager for Vicon Midwest, USA, based in Champaign, Illinois, covering the 9 mid west states. Later Nick moved back to the UK, working out of the Vicon head office in Ipswich as Sales Manager. This he did until he left the farm machinery industry in 1990.

Career to date with ServiceMaster Clean

From 1991 to 1998 Nick became a sole proprietor of the ServiceMaster Clean franchise, in 1998 it was decided that a limited business should be set up which was named Deeland Limited t/a ServiceMaster, of which Nick is now the Managing Director. Deeland Limited is one of the largest ServiceMaster Clean franchise businesses in the UK, with a turnover of 4.2 million pounds, employing over 450 staff.

Main objectives in my job role (Personal)

As Managing Director I have the responsibility to provide an environment that will help build Deeland Limited in to a successful business. This I believe we are achieving through our business culture based on Principles – People – Performance. This is managed and operated through our Human Resources/Business Services Department. Our Human Resources Department is pivotal to the development of our people, I use the word our as our human resources department not only plays an important part in the well being of our people, but the contribution they make to the quality assurance management programme (QAMP) which manages the performance of our business processes and procedures.

It is over 7 years ago that I began to relook at our Servicemaster Clean business, in terms of its culture and direction. I kept on visiting the key business principles that Marianne E. Wade the founder of ServiceMaster (who had Knowledge and Experience - Wisdom) had incorporated of Principles – People - Performance and realised that these were instrumental and fundamental in building and sustaining business growth. What we did was restructure our business and its processes in order for all our people to embrace our new culture.

Future plans

We are committed to growing our business efficiently and profitably and to have customers who want a meaningful business relationship. This can only be achieved by our pursuit of delivering service excellence, being the best at what we do. To be the best at what we do means investment in our people and our facilities, which we are in the process of doing by taking on new staff and building new communication and training facilities at our Newbury premises.