Start of a new financial year

At ServiceMaster Thames Valley HQ, we’re always working with new business aims and targets for the year ahead, for promotions and clients, as well as our more personal targets, including our internal slimming club, and personal progression. As the days are getting longer again, we feel more energetic, and have another year of opportunities ahead of us. A whole summer of holidays, sport, bank holidays, barbeques and festivals reward us for our hard work throughout the year, and act as incentives for those days when life just feels too much. At ServiceMaster Clean, we appreciate the value of maintaining a healthy work/life balance and enjoy our time at work as much as our treasured weekends and holidays. We are lucky to have a great support network of staff across our region, so it’s impossible to feel overwhelmed or burdened for long before someone asks if they can help. It’s this personal relationship that makes the difference between a job for money, and a career for enjoyment. We always strive to make the working environment enjoyable for everyone around us, which is reflected in the way our colleagues start and finish work with a spring in their step.