Famous First Jobs

In a time of financial and career uncertainty, there are few jobs which last the test of time and external constraints. People don’t like to work in a messy environment, and when things get too messy and cluttered tensions can arise and the blame game starts. Luckily, by employing cleaners, workplaces can run seamlessly and can be cleaned in or around the business working hours. A lot of our cleaners are people working to top up their pensions, or returning to work by starting with a part-time role, working to supplement wages from other jobs, and students working to fund study, as well as many other walks of life. Cleaning is a role that suits people from all backgrounds, and opens doors to a range of opportunities. People that have started their professional lives in cleaning and have gone on to other careers include Sylvester Stallone who cleaned out a lion enclosure but is better known for cleaning up in a boxing ring as Rocky Balboa, and Stephen King, who was a cleaner in a high school to fund his degree. It was here he came up with the story behind Carrie, a high school student with psychic powers, which became one of the most well-known horror stories with film adaptations. Jim Carrey left school at 15 to help his father earn money for the family by cleaning at a school. He would rehearse his stand-up routines while scrubbing the gymnasium floor, which eventually led to him being one of the most successful comedians and earning a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Michael Dell, the Founder and CEO of DELL Inc, one of the leading names in computers funded his degree by washing dishes at a Chinese restaurant in Austin Texas. He later dropped out of university and is now the 41st richest person in the world according to Forbes. We love a success story at ServiceMaster, and nurturing the talents of our staff. The person who cleans your office or removes stains from your rugs could be a future billionaire or film star!