World Cup fever strikes England

Only a few weeks ago, the tabloids told us that England has the best World Cup squad in years. This gave fans the confidence to dress their homes and cars with St George flags and wear football shirts on even non-match days. The past weeks have been full of late-night football games, office sweepstakes and watching games where England isn’t involved. World Cup fever has divided a nation. The half that waves a flag at any opportunity, wearing facepaint and watching all games at every hour of the day and announcing the latest scores, have spent the summer in football heaven. The other half of the nation either don’t care about the sporting event, or despise it for playing havoc with TV scheduling and dominating conversations of loved ones. The best displays of patriotism are shown around sporting and national events, if you cast your minds back to the Olympics of 2012, Royal wedding and Diamond Jubilee, you will most likely remember the sea of Union Jacks waving frantically on our TV screens oozing pride and patriotism. On a normal day without big national events, we rarely see the St George cross or Union Jack adorning neighbours windows and car wing mirrors. The lack of acknowledgement points to a confusion in allegiances. As King Henry IV said: “Patriotism must be founded on great principals and supported by great virtue”. Because however you show support for your country, it should be shown consistently. Show the world you care, don’t wait for certain events to sing the praises of what you love. As for the World Cup, whether you are gripped by football fever or are sick of the sound of whistles, remember that from 13th July it will all be over for another four years!